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    Don’t get caught in the rain. Partner with us for all your compliance needs.
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    Our Erosion Stabilization and Reclamation Services will keep you in the green.
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  • Design and Engineering Experts

    Will your project disturb more than one acre of land? How about less than one acre, but it is part of a larger project that will ultimately disturb more than one acre? In both cases, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) requires you develop a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). We can design and stamp a comprehensive SWPPP for your project. You can rest assured knowing it is backed by a certified professional engineer, certified CPSWQ personnel and 25 years of industry experience.

    Partners in Compliance

    The EPA manages pollutants from construction activities through the 2012 Construction General Permit (CGP). It manages pollutants from industrial activities through its Industrial Storm Water Program.

    Of all the things to worry about during your project, controlling pollution and protecting the US surface waters likely is low on the list. Let us do the worrying for you. We will coordinate with you to complete all compliance related activities including developing your SWPPP, installing temporary and permanent Best Management Practices (BMPs), inspecting your site, performing maintenance and final stabilization. Your success is important. Protecting surface waters is important. Together we can achieve both.

    Restoration Services

    Whether the site is one acre or 100 acres, we provide our customers with high quality and cost effective reclamation services. Is it difficult? Perfect. That’s our specialty.

    E2RC is equipped to perform a wide array of reclamation methods. We have extensive experience completing restoration services for private and public projects and are well versed in agency specifications. Give us a call to see what we can do for you.

    How are we different?

    We provide a full spectrum of completely integrated solutions specifically tailored to Storm Water Quality, Erosion Control Design and third party tested inspection personnel.

    We fully support our partners in the engineering, design and building fields. We ensure complete project execution and compliance which is supported by our ability to insulate customers from regulatory damage. Through our Fine Shield program we will pay the fine if you engage us to completely manage your environmental needs and your site is declared non-compliant.

    Our professional engineers carry Envirocert Certification in Storm Water Quality design and erosion control compliance. The innovative designs we develop limit the impact of construction and compliance cost. If we design it, know it will carry our professional engineer’s stamp.

    Our Inspectors are supported by rigorous CISEC training. Our integrated model allows our Inspectors to understand your project from nose to tail. They are our boots on the ground to ensure ongoing compliance.

    Our business is growing!

    Fastest Growing Companies

    E2RC continues to grow and expand as we help our customers comply with EPA guidelines and help them expand, grow, or build their own businesses. We want to say thank you to all of our customers whose support and business has made this success possible.

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