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Spring Brings Change and Renewal

By Kelley Fetter - April 13, 2017

E2RC has revamped its website.  This renewal of our outreach to the stormwater, erosion control, and compliance world matches the calendar; it’s Spring!  Spring marks Nature’s reminder our world functions best with clarity, preservation, and order.

E2RC recognizes it is impossible to overcome Nature.  Stormwater Management is an activity geared towards promoting clarity.  If we minimize disturbance, retain sediment and remove pollutants, the water we have has a great chance to be clean water to use – clarity.

Reclamation and preservation parallel what we see when Spring returns each year.  The environment works to restore what was lost through Winter.  New growth from last year’s reclamation efforts confirms that the energy invested is warranted and worthwhile - preservation.

E2RC is vested in supporting environmental compliance.  All the elements in MS4, Industrial, and Construction activities are driven by order.  Our turnkey services help client’s in every NPDES demonstrate compliance to deliver defendable and defensible results.  Performance based engineering, outcome focused BMP implementation linked with the industry’s most comprehensive, web-based compliance management tools from Comply26, LLC, deliver sound, reliable, and dependable compliance – order.

Happy Spring!  Thanks for reading and check back soon for the next posting.